~~Upcycled Jewellery &Clothing~~

RANKO is a handmade, one of a kind upcycled jewellery and apparel brand that aims to add a hint of joy, color and childlike playfulness in your everyday lives. For all our pieces, we use thrifted/ recycled/ vintage beads and clothing as our main materials, to which we add an enormous amount of time, passion, and love to give these materials a second life.

The starting point of this project was, besides a strong need for creation, a consciousness for the environment. As a lover of both fashion and the Earth, I wanted to create playful and original items without betraying my own ecological consciousness. The fact that our main materials are re-used or recycled means that we not only lower our waste production, but also lower our use of non-ethical/non-environmentally-friendly materials. We also aim to deliver the majority of our products in recycled or upcycled packaging.

~~Feel free to visit my artwork website http://rankogautier.com/ ~~

Love to you all.





~~http://rankogautier.com/ ~~